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Fancy a cuppa?


Rather than creating pure blends like green tea or chamomile tea, Bird & Blend create exciting flavours by mixing them with blending ingredients including herbs, flowers, fruits, caramel, chocolate.. and even cake sprinkles.

Real chunks of decadent dark chocolate help melt away the day's worries followed by a chilli kick to awaken your tastebuds! 


A lighter English breakfast blend, enjoy it however you want: black, milky or even iced with a squeeze of lemon, the world is your cuppa!


This luxury white tea blend is bursting with the same fruit juices and hints of sweet almond nuts, making it the perfect afternoon tea choice.


Peppermint can help settle stomachs, relieve indigestion, help sooth sickness and improve oral health.


A selection of Amazonion super plants blended with delicious Indian chai spices. 


The Mojito, Cuban classic; the tipple of choice for Caribbean island folk, but we do it with tea instead - the perfect compromise for English island folk! 


It doesn't get more classic than good old British fave, Earl Grey. So what makes this Earl Grey any different? It's the creme of course! 


 Juicy raspberries, apples & pear to create the ulTEAmate boozy inspired brew... Pink Prosecco!


A refreshing blend of green and white tea bursting with juicy melon and fruit flavours. 


Originally inspired by our Nordic neighbours and their love for all things gingerbread - which we share!


This Smoky Russian Caravan loose leaf tea evokes the aroma of this ancient blends trading route


A fruity concoction of orange blossom, rose & lemon that turns a delightful rosy pink once brewed.


Any Tea &

Cake £4.50

That's alreet, eh?

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